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A Full Range Of Eye Tests & Treatments For Victor Harbor

At See Optometry, we deliver more for our patients, helping people across Hayborough and surrounds get the care their eyes need. Located 80 kilometres outside of Adelaide on the beautiful Victor Harbor, we provide the support you need to see and feel better than before.

Our optometrists provide more than eye check ups

Optometrists are primary health providers, often being the first point of professional contact for people experiencing problems with their eyes or having difficulty seeing. Optometrists have a unique role in providing accessible and vital eye care to the community. Apart from general practice, optometry is the only profession to have Medicare rebates without the need for a referral.

Our Optometrists are experts in the optics of lenses, eye health and visual performance; they assess ocular health and diagnose ocular disease through regular eye check ups. They may also manage many ocular diseases but do not perform invasive surgical interventions (eg cataract surgery, retinal detachments) but do perform foreign body removal. Where clinically necessary, optometrists prescribe spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses, protective eyewear and devices for the visually impaired.

Some optometrists specialise in work with the elderly, children or persons who are partially sighted. Some specialise in the treatment of ocular conditions through prescribing therapeutic medications. Other specialist areas include contact lenses, sport vision, visual ergonomics, colour vision and vision therapy.

Here Now - E-Eye IRPL - Dry eye treatment

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition mainly caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and affects as much as 20% of our patients with symptoms increasing with age. Many aspects of our modern lifestyle like computer screens, artificial lighting and even air conditioning can further, causing irritation, headaches and various other symptoms

See Optometry is now proud to offer the E-Eye IRPL dry eye treatment. This exciting non-invasive technology offers suffers of dry eye syndrome long term relief, more than 86% of patients see improvement after just 3 sessions. More than treating dry eyes, the IRPL technology also helps to prevent the disease and treat it at a very early stage.

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See Optometry are proud to offer the following services:
Corneal Topography
Retinal Photography
Wide Field Retinal Photography
Visual Field Test
Slit Lamp Imagery
Diabetic Checks
Contact Lenses
Behavioural Optometry
Children's Vision
Co-Managed Post-Operative Care
Glaucoma detection/monitoring


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